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The Imperial Golf Estates Board of Directors currently consists of seven (7) members. Directors are elected for two (2) year terms. The election takes place, in accordance with the HOA By-Laws, at the annual meeting in January of each year. The candidates for office are ranked from first to last based on the number of votes they get. Any open Board positions are filled starting with the candidate who received the most votes. The person with the second highest number of votes would be appointed to the second open position. This process is then used to fill all open Board positions.


Please remember each home, (individual household), within Imperial Golf Estates gets one (1) vote per property.


Once the election of the Board Directors is completed in January of each year, the newly elected Board meets to appoint a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and any other officer positions deemed appropriate by the Board. This is accomplished by majority vote of the elected Board members.


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The election schedule for the current HOA Board is as follows:


    President - Gale Schwartz


Term expires January 2023


  Vice President - John Mickelson

Term expires January 2023

  Treasurer - Chuck Peacock

Term expires January 2024


  Secretary - Jim Wilson

Term expires January 2024


  Director - Tom Harruff

Term expires January 2023

   Director – Edward (Ted) Anderson


Term expires January 2024



   Director – Dr. Pamela Falcigno


Term expires January 2023




If at any time any Board Director leaves office, the Board has the authority to appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term of that retiring Board member. Replacement is not a requirement unless the Board gets below 5 members. The HOA By-Laws require a minimum of five (5) Board members.


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