Imperial Golf Estates
Committee Charter

The Board of Directors for Imperial Golf Estates, under the authority of the By-Laws of the Imperial Golf Estates Homeowners Association, has established several committees. This charter is adopted by the Imperial Golf Estates Homeowners Association for all committees, adopted June 25, 2020.

Purpose of Committees

All committees assist Board members by addressing specific community issues, tasks, serving in an advisory role for the benefit of the community, and as representatives of the community. As a general rule, they gather information, assess problems, and recommend solutions to the Board. The primary purpose of each committee is to recommend solutions to the Board for all issues pertaining to their respective jurisdiction.


 All provisions of Article 7 of the Second Amended-Restated Bylaws, May 2007 shall be the governing document for committees. In addition, the Board may create reasonable rules set forth under Article 2 and Article 9. Under this authority, The Board adopts the following rules for all committees:

The HOA President under section 7.5 shall have the sole authority to appoint the chair for any and all committees.

The HOA Board has the sole authority to appoint members to any committee. The Board may appoint, replace, remove, or add committee members as the Board deems appropriate.

Committee chairs shall also serve as Sergeant at Arms for all committee meetings in order to maintain proper decorum.

The superintendent of the HOA shall be a liaison to every committee and provide support to the committee. The superintendent shall not be a voting member of any committee, nor count as a committee member. All committee chairs may include the Superintendent in all meetings, projects, and aspects of any committee; as the superintendent is resource for the committee and an additional liaison to the Board. The HOA President as an ex officio member of each committee has the option to replace the superintendent on all committees if the chair so agrees.

No committee will be assigned funds. All funds must be requested from the HOA Board.

No committee shall be authorized to enter into any legal agreement with any person, vendor or entity. This does not prohibit committee members from seeking data, speaking to experts, having presentations, or making recommendations to the Board. Committees will meet when the Chair, or the Board, calls for a meeting.

Committee members shall not engage in activities or actions on behalf of the committee without prior authorization from the committee chair(s) or the Board.

Committee chairs shall submit a written report to the Board at each meeting of the Board detailing committee meetings and actions. If no committee meeting took place, no written report is required and a verbal notice of same at the Board meeting shall suffice. In accordance with Article 7, written reports shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Association.

Each committee shall present the Board with a sub charter specifically outlining duties and responsibilities of the committee, the recommended number of committee members, and the known members of the committee. The board in accordance with its authority will duly appoint members to each committee. Said sub-charter is subject to periodic editing by the full Board.

This document and all committee sub charters will be added to the Imperial Golf Estates Drop Box and web site to ensure community access.

This Charter for committees is established by majority vote of the Board and can only be altered by majority vote of the Board. This charter is effective immediately and is binding for all committees upon adoption by the Board.

  Architectural Review Board:
Pete Crociata

  Entrada Avenue Back Gate:
   John Mickelson

Lakes Committee:
   Charter and current members
   Minutes October 17, 2019
   Minutes August 8, 2019

   John Mickelson
   Dan Castaldini
   Tom Harruff
   Mark Thieme
   Infrastructure Committee Charter May 2020; July 2020

   John Mickelson
  Web Page:
   John Mickelson   

   Tom Haruff  
  Greater Imperial Board Representative:
   Gale Schwartz
Board Chair – Gale Schwartz
Judith Perkins – Member
Stephanie Hardy – Member
Georgia McDowell – Member
Pam Myers – Member
Anne Harruff – Member
Tom Harruff – Member
John Mickelson - Member
Caitlin Fortier – Member
Jerry Lowe – Member
Carolyn Bradtmiller – Member
Karen Vincent – Member
Jim Wilson – Member
Mark Thieme – Advisory Member
   Maintenance/Beautification Committee Charter